Library Services
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Other Services for Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to make use of the librarian and all library media center resources. If you need me to pull books for you on a certain topic for a unit of study, please let me know, and I will get the resources to you as soon as possible. If you would like to bring your students in to make selections for a classroom unit or for independent reading, please do! If you are going to assign your students a research project, talk to Mrs. Minor about how we can work together to incorporate information literacy skills into your project! Bringing your students into the library media center is a great way to integrate library skills with classroom instruction.

Teacher Material Requests (books and AV) and Checkout Policy

Teachers may check out as many materials as needed. Creating book baskets that you rotate in and out of your classroom library is encouraged! Teachers may check out any materials including equipment and audiovisuals. Teachers may set their own due dates. However, if the materials are needed, the teachers will be notified to return the needed materials.